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Angels, Saints and Icons December 23, 2008

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Angels, Saints and Icons

Angels, Saints and Icons, also from Quanta, is only slightly better. From a windswept mountain range with the accompaniment of an electronic harp – a striking introduction – you may investigate Angels, Saints, or Icons. There is a slideshow, an Index, and a Bookshelf with abridged text from four books. Use the toolbar to “Search” or return to “Contents”. The bulk of this program is the text in the “Bookshelf” section (no audio or hypertext here) where you’ll find a number of good stories and information. You’ll also find it rife with typos which is distracting. Don’t expect much from the Index, it’s not deep. If you look up Mephistopheles, you’ll find: “made a deal with the devil.” Despite its many shortcomings, there is still quite a bit that entertains and educates on this CD-ROM.

– May 1995

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