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Corel Web Designer May 25, 2009

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Creativity Tools – Multimedia Tools

Corel Web.Designer

Corel Web.Designer (Corel Corp.)uses the same approach to web authoring tools as Microsoft?s Front Page and Claris Home Page ? that is, it approximates a word processor, which is supposed to make creating a web page as easy as pie (more…)


Allie’s Activity Kit May 10, 2009

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Creativity Tools

Allie’s Activity Kit

The best part of Allie’s Activity Kit (Opcode Interactive – ages 3-6) is the opening animation of Allie (a green alien) whizzing around in a spaceship. There’s a similar segment at the end (more…)


Craftpax May 7, 2009

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Creativity Tools


Craftpax (Ocean – ages 6-10) is a digital activity book filled with over 40 craft projects ranging from making masks and mobiles and puppets to kaleidoscopes and 3D buildings, and more (more…)


How to Create Multimedia April 28, 2009

Creativity Tools

How to Create Multimedia

How to Create Multimedia (Jasmine Multimedia) purports to teach the basics, but don’t count on it. The How To section of this CD-ROM would insult anyone’s intelligence, with tips like “determine how interactive your presentation will be (more…)


Spider-Man Cartoon Maker April 27, 2009

Creativity Tools

Spider-Man Cartoon Maker

Spider-Man Cartoon Maker (Knowledge Adventure, ages 6 & up) is very similar to Magic Theater – no surprise, as it comes from the same publisher. Again, it’s easy to use, so you can start right out and get something done, or take a little longer to figure out the possibilities and create something even better (more…)