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Explore the Grand Canyon May 28, 2009

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Travel & Leisure

Explore the Grand Canyon

We had so much trouble running Explore the Grand Canyon (Coriolis Group Media) that we are, unfortunately, not able to judge the program’s content on its own merits – what good is a great disc if it doesn’t work? From installation (stubborn and error-plagued) to navigation (dependent on the program’s whimsy of the moment) to sound (nonfunctional), our Grand Canyon experience was full of frustrating dead ends. Some of the photography may be spectacular, but the few photos we were able to access seemed only slightly more picturesque than a good postcard. Although the introductory text to the program is mostly empty rhetoric, it hints at interesting subjects that are probably explored elsewhere in the disc. Good luck finding them. No CD-ROM is worth the headache that must be endured to explore this Grand Canyon.

– March 1996

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