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EA Kids Art Center November 1, 2008

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Creativity Tools

EA Kids Art Center

EA Kids Art Center (EA Kids, ages 3 & up) is a fairly limited program. You have a choice of five activities, including Paint Box, Coloring Book, Stickers, Costumes, and Block Art. The paint program is a scaled down version of the one in Kid Pix Studio, and the stickers are just stickers – no action here. The coloring book only allows you to fill; you might as well use crayons and paper. You may want this for very young kids, but if they’re old enough to use a computer, it makes more sense to spend some time with them on a program they won’t outgrow.

– June 1995


2 Responses to “EA Kids Art Center”

  1. Kristin Says:

    i loved this game, and im really regretting that we got rid of it… i’ve been looking all over for one to buy.

    • Dawn Kawano Says:

      My children grew up with this cd rom in the 1990’s and they (we) loved it! I too wished I hadn’t given it away. I wish, I could find another copy as well. : (

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