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Reviews About Old Software on CD-ROM from the 1990’s

World Book 1997 Multimedia Encyclopedia April 27, 2009

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World Book 1997 Multimedia Encyclopedia

The World Book 1997 Multimedia Encyclopedia CD-ROM (IBM/World Book) represents the first significant improvement in multimedia encyclopedias since Microsoft?s Encartadefined the playing field several years ago (more…)


Circle of Knowledge April 16, 2009

According to the publishers, the Circle of Knowledge (Chestnut) is the first encyclopedia created especially for multimedia. Rather than using the standard alphabetical presentation for entries, they return to the earlier concept of presenting information by logical connections of content – ergo, a circle of knowledge (more…)


Best of Breed: the American Kennel Club’s Multimedia Guide to Dogs February 27, 2009

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Best of Breed: the American Kennel Club?s Multimedia Guide to Dogs

Best of Breed: the American Kennel Club?s Multimedia Guide to Dogs (Macmillan Digital USA) is jam-packed with all kinds of doggie-info concerning the 140 breeds recognized by the AKC, but it does not quite measure up to the “comprehensive interactive resource” promised by the packaging (more…)


Motion Picture Guide, The February 19, 2009


The Motion Picture Guide

The Motion Picture Guide (CineBooks) is a new entry in the movie guide arena. It is a giant database, minus multimedia extras (no audio/visual clips). You get information on 34,000 titles, a fast search function, intelligent synopses and reviews, full cast lists, breakdowns by genre, and more (more…)


Student Reference Library

Kid’s Education

Student Reference Library

Mindscape offers the Student Reference Library (jr. high & up), a product of subtle charms that errs slightly on the side of quantity over quality. This ambitious CD-ROM packs a lot onto a single disc, including an almanac, an encyclopedia, a quotation library, a dictionary, and a guide to style (more…)


Complete Reference Library February 6, 2009

Complete Reference Library

The main menu in Complete Reference Library (Mindscape) puts you in a virtual office with all the equipment you need for work. Along with a printer, video camera, sound system, clip board, highlighter, and other standard research tools, you’ll find a bookshelf with the following ten reference works: Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language 3rd Edition, Roget II: The New Thesaurus, The 1994 Information Please Almanac, The Legal Word Book 3rd Edition, Wall Street Words, The Reader’s Companion to American History, Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations, The Written Word III, and The National Directory of Addresses and Telephone Numbers (more…)


Dr. Ruth’s Encyclopedia of Sex February 4, 2009


Dr. Ruth’s Encyclopedia of Sex

The CD-ROM Dr. Ruth’s Encyclopedia of Sex (Creative Multimedia) is based on her book of the same name, but offers more. You start out with the good doctor in her folksy office, with all your options scattered about in graphical icons (more…)