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Tuneland Starring Howie Mandel January 30, 2009

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Tuneland Starring Howie Mandel

Tuneland Starring Howie Mandel (7th Level – ages 3-6) is an old title, at least as measured in CD-ROM time (1993), but it’s still great. The voices and music are super. It’s packed with hotspots, animation, and lots of opportunity for interaction. It’s funny, quirky, and thoroughly enjoyable. Li’l Howie (voice courtesy of Big Howie) plays hide and seek as you explore Old MacDonald’s farm. Click almost anywhere and something will happen, probably involving one of the 40 songs included on the disc. For more listening pleasure, kids can play it in a regular CD player. Tuneland may be old, but there still aren’t many titles that measure up to it.

– July 1995



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  1. cathy Says:

    wwanna download howie tuneland

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