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Lenny’s Circus October 29, 2008

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Lenny’s Circus

In Lenny’s Circus (Paramount Interactive – ages 5-10), you’ll need to read the manual before you set off. There’s lots to do and see and not a helpful clown in sight to offer guidance. Once you get your bearings, you can visit the Midway to play games or catch the acts in the Big Top. Along the way, you can take snapshots of different events. These are converted into postcards which can be printed. You’ll find them at the souvenir stand. There are jokes (some good, some bad), suitable circus music, and an awful lot happening in every screen. The games range from the sublime – knock the monkey on the head, avoid the shark – to the ridiculous -the horse and carrot monster game (don’t ask) – but not all of them work as promised. Just like a day at the real circus, you may find this multimedia circus exhausting, but most kids won’t be bored.

– July 1995

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One Response to “Lenny’s Circus”

  1. Amber Says:

    I played this game growing up as a child. It was amazing!

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