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Sesame Street Art Workshop May 28, 2009

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Creativity Tools

Sesame Street Art Workshop

Sesame Street Art Workshop (ages 2 & up), one of many titles en route from the Children’s Television Workshop (this one via Creative Wonders), contains four simple activities for toddlers (more…)


Corel Web Designer May 25, 2009

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Creativity Tools – Multimedia Tools

Corel Web.Designer

Corel Web.Designer (Corel Corp.)uses the same approach to web authoring tools as Microsoft?s Front Page and Claris Home Page ? that is, it approximates a word processor, which is supposed to make creating a web page as easy as pie (more…)


Print Artist May 23, 2009

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Creativity Tools

Print Artist

Print Artist (Maxis) is not for kids, although once they see what you can do with it, they’ll want to use it too. It comes with a comprehensive manual, but it’s so user friendly – despite the crowded toolbar – that you won’t have any problem jumping right in (more…)


Click Art: Famous Magazine Cartoons

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Creativity Tools

Click Art: Famous Magazine Cartoons

Click Art: Famous Magazine Cartoons (T/Maker Co.) is a collection of 500 images. You can do all the things you normally do with clip art: export them, edit the captions, and so on (more…)


ToonWorks May 18, 2009

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Creativity Tools


ToonWorks (Microforum – ages 6-12) offers one of the better interfaces we’ve seen recently on a kids art CD-ROM. The program concentrates on allowing kids to create single-panel cartoons, providing a variety of basic templates, cartoon clip art, and drawing/painting tools (more…)