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Sail Away! May 29, 2009

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Sail Away!

If you prefer your boating without mechanical propulsion, take a look at Sail Away! (Scanrom) and Interactive Sailing (Swifte). Although these titles come from different creators and different publishers, they work well as a combination; Sail Away! is an instructive, text-and-video heavy disc with dry catagories such as Small Boat Handling, Knots and Cordage, Rules of the Road, and Weather, while Interactive Sailing is a graphic simulator that doesn’t waste time teaching, but provides the perfect forum for virtual practice (more…)


Explore the Grand Canyon May 28, 2009

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Travel & Leisure

Explore the Grand Canyon

We had so much trouble running Explore the Grand Canyon (Coriolis Group Media) that we are, unfortunately, not able to judge the program’s content on its own merits – what good is a great disc if it doesn’t work? From installation (stubborn and error-plagued) to navigation (dependent on the program’s whimsy of the moment) to sound (nonfunctional), our Grand Canyon experience was full of frustrating dead ends (more…)


PC Magazine

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PC Magazine

If you must have your periodicals on CD-ROM, you’re a candidate for a subscription to PC Magazine (Ziff-Davis Publishing Co., 22 issues per year). If you expect it to be different from the print version, you’ll be disappointed (more…)


Sesame Street Art Workshop

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Creativity Tools

Sesame Street Art Workshop

Sesame Street Art Workshop (ages 2 & up), one of many titles en route from the Children’s Television Workshop (this one via Creative Wonders), contains four simple activities for toddlers (more…)


Stay Tooned! May 27, 2009

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Popular Culture

Stay Tooned!

The press material for Stay Tooned! (Funnybone Interactive/Sierra On-line – 8 & up) admits that the program has “culled from six decades of cartoons” to come up with all its gags (more…)