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Stay Tooned! May 27, 2009

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Popular Culture

Stay Tooned!

The press material for Stay Tooned! (Funnybone Interactive/Sierra On-line – 8 & up) admits that the program has “culled from six decades of cartoons” to come up with all its gags (more…)


You Don’t Know Jack! (Add-Ons) April 20, 2009

Popular Culture

You Don’t Know Jack! (Add-Ons)

We reviewed You Don’t Know Jack! (Berkeley Systems) in indelibleNews! Vol.1, No. 12. Now Berkeley has released some add-ons. The 400 Question Pack is on the shelves, the Sports Question Pack is coming soon, and You Don’t Know Jack X-Tra Large, which combines the original program with the 400 Question Pack, is available for the serious Jack buff (more…)


Asia Alive March 29, 2009

Asia Alive and America Alive join Europe Alive in this series from MediAlive. Both titles have good, clear interfaces that get you around quickly and easily and both have generous helpings of hot spots and hypertext to take you from here to there (more…)


China! The Grand Tour Including Tibet March 26, 2009

World Culture

China! The Grand Tour Including Tibet

China! The Grand Tour Including Tibet (Software implementation/Hopkins Technology Ltd.) – what a mess! And what a shame, because the worst thing about this title is the text which, with the help of a good editor and proofreader, would be fine (more…)


Digital Culture Stream March 25, 2009


Digital Culture Stream

While you would assume the theme of Digital Culture Stream (Mixed Media Productions, quarterly) is digital culture, most of this publication is actually devoted to music, primarily techno and industrial (more…)


PYST March 11, 2009

Popular Culture


PYST (Parroty Interactive – get it?), a parody of Myst, suggests that the Island of Myst, having been overrun by four million nerds with PCs during the past few years, has become a wasteland somewhat akin to Max Yasgur’s farm after Woodstock (more…)


Unknown Marx Brothers, The February 18, 2009

Popular Culture

The Unknown Marx Brothers

What would it take to screw up a Marx Brothers CD-ROM? Even if you didn’t have a great take on the Brothers, you could string together some funny video and some insightful text, toss in a trivia game and a search function, find another wrinkle or two, and create something entertaining (more…)