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Stay Tooned! May 27, 2009

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Popular Culture

Stay Tooned!

The press material for Stay Tooned! (Funnybone Interactive/Sierra On-line – 8 & up) admits that the program has “culled from six decades of cartoons” to come up with all its gags. It doesn’t specifically mention the two most obvious influences, however: Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and Ren & Stimpy. The former has provided an overall gimmick – a bunch of Toons have escaped from the television, and it’s your job to track them down and zap them with a remote control. At the beginning of the game we see a live-action boy, representing the player, morphed into a cartoon boy. The latter has provided a motif and a brand of humor. Like Ren & Stimpy, Stay Tooned! veers between cleverly grown-up (consider the ad on TV for the XXX Files, with appropriately seductive music playing in the background) and rewardingly gross (the characters revel in things that are stinky, sticky, bubbly, mucus-y, or moldy). While you search an apartment building to find all the missing Toons, you’ll find keys and passwords, comedy skits and musical numbers, and many arcade-style games, mostly ripping off classics like Space Invaders. A few of the games are rendered in mediocre 3D, so you’ll need the 3D glasses that come with the CD-ROM. For the most part, however, Stay Tooned! is clever and entertaining enough without the 3D gimmick.

– November 1996


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