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SkyTrip America May 14, 2009

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History & Mythology

SkyTrip America

Discovery Channel Multimedia has taken a collection of articles on American history, added some narration and video, and linked it all up via a fancy 3D interface (more…)


Who Built America’ May 11, 2009

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History & Mythology

Who Built America?

Who Built America? (The Voyager Co.) ports the book of the same name to CD-ROM, adding plenty of strong supplementary material in the bargain. The subject is America from 1876 (the Centennial) to 1914 (the War), covering such disparate topics as politics, saloons, organized labor, and suffragists (more…)


America Rock May 2, 2009

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History & Mythology

America Rock

Remember School House Rock, those low-budget, jazzy animations that ran on Saturday mornings, those brief interludes of educational fanfare that played in the chinks of time between Hanna Barbera cartoons? Well, that old ABC educational gimmick is becoming trendy (more…)


VOTE America April 16, 2009

Popular Culture

VOTE America

Feeling a little confused as elections roll around? Having trouble choosing between the hick philanderer, the self-serving billionaire du jour, and the reactionary relic? VOTE America (Virtual Entertainment) has everything you’ll need to clear your head and get your feet on the ground again – if you can stay awake long enough to digest it (more…)


Asia Alive March 29, 2009

Asia Alive and America Alive join Europe Alive in this series from MediAlive. Both titles have good, clear interfaces that get you around quickly and easily and both have generous helpings of hot spots and hypertext to take you from here to there (more…)


Birds of North America January 20, 2009

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Science & Nature

Birds of North America

Birds of North America (Thayer Birding Software) has lots of buttons, and most of them open to blocks of text, some of which shill for other software, or books, or things to do to be a birder (more…)


National Parks of America December 2, 2008

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Travel & Leisure

National Parks of America

There are lots of national parks in the U.S. With National Parks of America (Multicom) you can find a list of them all, along with photographs of many of them (more…)