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Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf March 12, 2009


Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf

The golf sim market is starting to get crowded, with more competitors on the way soon. If you still want to play a good, earth-bound game of golf, however, it’s hard to top Greg Norman Ultimate Challenge Golf (Grolier Interactive Inc (more…)


Savage March 7, 2009



If you’ve already mastered Lion(Sanctuary Woods), but still crave the thrill of prowling the Serengeti, take a shot at Savage (Discovery Channel Multimedia). Although the two simulations demand comparison – both document survival of the same species, in the same setting – there are, in reality, more differences than similarities between the programs (more…)


MissionForce: Cyberstorm February 21, 2009


MissionForce: Cyberstorm

MissionForce: Cyberstorm (Sierra On-Line) bills itself as a sim, so we’re willing to include it here despite the fact that the contest it simulates won’t occur for hundreds of years, if ever (more…)


Destruction Derby February 2, 2009


Destruction Derby

Destruction Derby, also from Psygnosis, is the automotive counterpart toAssault Rigs. Drive stock cars around a track or a stadium bowl; fight off other drivers while striving to finish the race first (or, alternately, while trying to stay alive the longest) (more…)


Conquest of the New World January 15, 2009

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Conquest of the New World

Conquest of the New World (Interplay Productions) is a simulation that ambles along at a pace which could be called, kindly, sedentary. Choose a European country and set sail for the New World or, if you prefer, play the Native Americans who are defending their space (more…)