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Index Kid’s Education May 19, 2009

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Kid’s Education

December 1996 (Vol 2, No 12)

Amazing Learning Games with Rayman Digital Lab Chill Manor and I.M. Meen (bundle) Math Heads RoboQuest World Tour

August 1996 (Vol 2, No 8):

Adi’s Comprehensive Learning System Alphabet Express Brain Quest Second Grade Counting and Thinking Games Devil’s Canyon: A Dinamation AdventureDreamlandElmo’s Preschool Franklin’s Reading World Golden Book Encyclopedia for KidsGreat Word Adventure, The How Do You Spell Adventure? How Would You Survive?Infinity City Interactive Alphabet, The James Discovers MathJumpStart Toddlers Kid Phonics 2Let’s Start Learning Logical Journey of the Zoombinis, The Magic School Bus Explores Inside the Earth, TheMajor League Math Math Blaster Jr (more…)


James Discovers Math

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Kid’s Education

James Discovers Math

Very young kids will appreciate James Discovers Math (part of the Active Mind series from Broderbund Software, ages 3-6). James, a young blonde fellow with an Australian accent, lives in a room full of different math games (more…)


Scholastic’s The Magic Schoolbus Explores the Solar System May 17, 2009

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Kid’s Education

The Magic Schoolbus Explores the Solar System

Scholastic’s The Magic Schoolbus Explores the Solar System (Microsoft/Music Pen, ages 4-10) is the second title in the Magic Schoolbus series (more…)


Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden May 16, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden

So many early education CD-ROMs substitute bells, whistles, and primary colors for real substance that Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden (Mindscape – ages 3-7), with its understated look, sedate pace and low-key characters, comes as a breath of fresh air (more…)


Pantsylvania May 9, 2009

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Kid’s Education


Pantsylvania (Headbone Interactive – ages 4 -up) is another chance to spend some time with the Gigglebone Gang (remember Alphabonk Farm?). In addition to Velma the Swine, Monkie-Sue, Bunji the Frog, and Clyde the Parrot, you’ll meet Kingamajig, who sings songs (more…)


Around the World with Willy Wabbit April 29, 2009

Kid’s Education

Around the World with Willy Wabbit

Around the World with Willy Wabbit (SEC Multimedia – ages 8 & up) purports to teach geography through five simple games: the Music Game, the City Game, the Flag Game, the Boundaries Game, and the Landmark Game (more…)


How Would You Survive’ April 17, 2009

Kid’s Education

How Would You Survive?

How Would You Survive? (Grolier Interactive – ages 7-12), based on the book series of the same name, contains three sections: Ancient Egyptians, Vikings, and Aztecs. Each section has an animated main screen, big enough that you have to scroll a ways to see all of it, that can be explored through pointing-and-clicking (more…)