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Great Word Adventure, The March 10, 2009

Kid’s Education

The Great Word Adventure

Howie Mandel is making a name for himself in multimedia without having been in a single Star Trek episode. He’s back as Lil’ Howie in The Great Word Adventure (7th Level, ages 6-9) (more…)


Word Attack 3 February 19, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Word Attack 3

Word Attack 3 (Davidson & Associates – ages 10 & up) offers a good deal more than many similar titles. Intended as a vocabulary builder, you’ll still have plenty of opportunity to improve your spelling (more…)


Fun With 100 Words February 3, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Fun With 100 Words

A prime example of wishful thinking is Fun With 100 Words (Smartworks – ages 3-7). Fun is the last word we’d choose to describe this title. To begin with, every time we clicked on a screen, before the picture of an animal or whatever came up, we’d get a brief glimpse of a screen that said the program used “Autodesk Animation Version for Windows” (more…)


Merriam Webster’s Word Crazy January 7, 2009

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Games – Casino & Brain

Merriam Webster’s Word Crazy

Scrabbleaficionados, along with William Safire types and crossword puzzle addicts, are likely candidates for Merriam Webster’s Word Crazy (Merriam Webster) (more…)


Word Munchers Deluxe December 4, 2008

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Kid’s Education

Word Munchers Deluxe

If you remember Q-Bert, the classic arcade game with the odd little creature who hopped around a 3D pyramid avoiding things that flew, hopped, and crawled, you’ll have some idea what to expect from Word Munchers Deluxe (MECC, ages 6-11) (more…)