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Games in Spanish January 2, 2009

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Language Tutors

Games in Spanish

Games in Spanish (Syracuse Language Systems) was the hit. Installation and operation were effortless. The interface is elemental and uncomplicated, requiring minimal orientation which is smart in a program designed for kids ages three to eight (more…)


Triple Play Plus! December 29, 2008

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Language Tutors

Triple Play Plus!

Luckily Triple Play Plus!, from Syracuse Language Systems, comes with not one but two guides. You’ll need them. And, at least in the beginning, you’ll need to use the Help function frequently (more…)


Piano Discover for Kids December 6, 2008

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MusicMusic Tutors

Piano Discovery For Kids


Jump Music! has released a thinner version of Piano Discovery, called Piano Discovery for Kids (ages 6-12). The gist of the program is the same ? you can still take piano lessons in a virtual schoolhouse, practice in a bungalow, play skill-sharpening games in an arcade, or show off in a performance hall (more…)


Languages of the World November 19, 2008

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Language Tutors

Languages of the World

If you are going to embark on a language course on CD-ROM, why not also have a dictionary on CD-ROM? With Languages of the World (NTC Publishing Group), you get 17 dictionaries in 11 languages – probably enough for most beginners (more…)


Play Rock Guitar with Keith Wyatt October 31, 2008

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Music – Music Tutors

Play Rock Guitar with Keith Wyatt

The advanced installment of Play Music?s guitar-teaching trilogy is Play Rock Guitar With Keith Wyatt (Play Music, Inc (more…)


Power Spanish October 27, 2008

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Language Tutors

Power Spanish

Power Spanish from Bayware, Inc. has a unique approach to language instruction: to get you speaking as quickly as possible. Forget grammar, forget perfect pronunciation, forget memorizing (more…)