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China! The Grand Tour Including Tibet March 26, 2009

World Culture

China! The Grand Tour Including Tibet

China! The Grand Tour Including Tibet (Software implementation/Hopkins Technology Ltd.) – what a mess! And what a shame, because the worst thing about this title is the text which, with the help of a good editor and proofreader, would be fine (more…)


London: A Multimedia Tour November 10, 2008

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World Culture

London: A Multimedia Tour

London: A Multimedia Tour (Media Design Interactive) promises to be more than a guide book. It wants to give you a feeling for the city. It does try. You can explore by way of a number of slide shows highlighting people, landmarks, and tourist attractions (more…)


World Tour October 16, 2008

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Kid’s Education

World Tour

Headbone Interactive’s Gigglebone Gang are cuter than they have any right to be – somehow the edgy animation, personality-drenched voices, and vaguely stereotypical characters (including a female pig with a Southern accent, and a jovial storytelling tiger with a Jamaican accent) combine to create appealing, amusing creatures (more…)