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Reviews About Old Software on CD-ROM from the 1990’s

Music Magician March 14, 2009

Creativity Tools

Music Magician

Musical ability, knowledge, and an advanced degree would all be helpful when you boot up Music Magician (Sony Classical, ages 8 -13). This is an incredibly complex and convoluted program, a clear case of having too many options and too little instruction on their effect (more…)


Net-It Now! March 13, 2009

Creativity Tools – Multimedia Tools

Net-It Now!

Net-It Now! (Net-It Software Corporation) is great for converting existing documents into web pages. The program takes regular desktop documents with graphics, text, graphs and charts and puts them into html format, without making you redo anything or know any languages (more…)


Let’s Draw: Caricature Edition March 12, 2009

Creativity Tools

Let’s Draw: Caricature Edition

Let’s Draw: Caricature Edition (Microforum) has less to do with drawing than it does with dragging, cutting, pasting, and zooming. Assemble a caricature from available parts (eyes, noses, mouths, heads, bodies by the bushel), then drop in a background, tweak the picture with stretch and bend commands, print it out, and send it to a friend (more…)


Write, Camera, Action! March 9, 2009

Creativity Tools

Write, Camera, Action!

Write, Camera, Action! (Broderbund – ages 8-12) isa creativity tool that teaches about writing and Hollywood – two things that, at least in theory, occasionally cross paths (more…)


TJ’s Reel Extreme CD-ROOM March 6, 2009

Creativity Tools

TJ’s Reel Extreme CD-ROOM

Because it invites you to direct your own TV show, we are including TJ’s Reel Extreme CD-ROOM (Graphix Zone) in our creativity tool reviews – just like we included Graphix Zone’s similar program, America’s Funniest Home Videos, in creativity tools (Vol (more…)



Creativity Tools – Multimedia Tools

Front Page

Microsoft?s entry into the web design arena, Front Page, allows you to create a professional web site without having to know any kind of programming language (more…)


Book Workshop February 18, 2009

Creativity Tools

Book Workshop

The best thing about Book Workshop(Sunburst Communications – ages 5-12) is that it’s so darn easy to use (in fact, the earlier version of the program was called “Easybook“) (more…)