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Snoopy’s Campfire Stories May 3, 2009

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Snoopy’s Campfire Stories

Familiar characters, when served up with genuine creativity and skill, can be a blessing to a CD-ROM – just look at Living Books’ continuing series of Dr. Seuss CD-ROMs (more…)


Creation Stories February 4, 2009

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Creation Stories

Creation Stories (Warner New Media) may seem a bit complicated to install, but follow the directions in the readme.txt file and it works fine. This title contains 93 stories, although all entries aren’t really stories – the Aztec calendar has just a few lines describing the calendar, period (more…)


Bible Lands, Bible Stories January 18, 2009

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Bible Lands, Bible Stories

The packaging for Bible Lands, Bible Stories (Context Systems) boasts that on this disc “Bible stories are brought to life by master storytellers.” From what we saw, the only “master storyteller” involved with this project is whomever wrote that little blurb (more…)


Stanley’s Sticker Stories December 12, 2008

Creativity Tools

Stanley’s Sticker Stories

Simplicity is important in a kids’ program, and Stanley the friendly otter – star of Stanley’s Sticker Stories (Edmark, ages 3-7) – offers a lot of it. Stanley gives children the chance to create a storybook using words, pictures, and sounds (more…)


Hymns: A Treasury of Stories and Anecdotes November 22, 2008

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Hymns: A Treasury of Stories and Anecdotes

Music is often an integral part of religious experience and hymns are a common part of many services. Hymns: A Treasury of Stories and Anecdotes (Quanta) offers information on more than 100 Christian hymns (more…)