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Global Spanish January 16, 2009

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Global Spanish

Global Spanish (Systems Integrated Research/Mindscape) is intended as a comprehensive language course, incorporating lessons, games, tests, and drills, but it’s actually no more useful, and much less portable, than a slim phrase book (more…)


Games in Spanish January 2, 2009

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Games in Spanish

Games in Spanish (Syracuse Language Systems) was the hit. Installation and operation were effortless. The interface is elemental and uncomplicated, requiring minimal orientation which is smart in a program designed for kids ages three to eight (more…)


Power Spanish October 27, 2008

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Power Spanish

Power Spanish from Bayware, Inc. has a unique approach to language instruction: to get you speaking as quickly as possible. Forget grammar, forget perfect pronunciation, forget memorizing (more…)


Spanish Your Way October 25, 2008

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Spanish Your Way

Spanish Your Way (Living Language Multimedia) is a lot fancier, but not as solid. You get an excellent forum for practicing your Spanish, but not as much actual teaching (more…)