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Much Ado About Shakespeare May 18, 2009

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Much Ado About Shakespeare

More injustice is heaped on the Bard in Much Ado About Shakespeare (Bureau of Electronic Publishing). There is nothing to be found here that can’t be better served by a paperback edition of the plays (more…)


Discovering Shakespeare January 16, 2009

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Discovering Shakespeare

Discovering Shakespeare (IVI Publishing) is a peculiar title. It’s hard to gauge the target audience – too high-falutin’ for children, too glib for adults. It feels like a product of the Stratford-on-Avon Tourist Bureau (more…)


Shakespeare November 5, 2008

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We’ve yet to find multimedia versions for the work of any of the big names in literature. Shakespeare and Sherlock Holmes (Creative Multimedia) are DOS-based programs built around a proprietary program called DiscPass that is text only (more…)