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Reviews About Old Software on CD-ROM from the 1990’s

Ocean Voyager March 8, 2009

Science & Nature

Ocean Voyager

Save Arpo the seal and clean up the toxins threatening to destroy the oceans! These are your two goals in Ocean Voyager (GraphixZone – ages 8 & up), an undersea exploration game that casts you in the role of a submarine captain (more…)


Bug Explorer

Science & Nature

Bug Explorer

Insects, one the most under-appreciated species, are given center stage in Bug Explorer (N-TK/Memorex – ages 3 & up). From the main menu, a line-up of cutely-rendered bugs and one spider (which made our skin crawl as we wondered why Mr (more…)


Invention Studio March 7, 2009

Science & Nature

Invention Studio

Invention Studio (Music Pen/ Discovery Channel Multimedia – ages 9 & up) is not quite as pretty asInventor Labs, nor does it run quite as well (more…)


Mammals February 27, 2009

Science & Nature


Mammals, on the other hand, has seen better days. A DOS-based program that is old and crude – one reviewer likened it to playing an original Atari machine – this CD-ROM has been eclipsed by many better titles (more…)


Adventures With Oslo: World of Water February 4, 2009

Science & Nature

Adventures With Oslo: World of Water

For a CD-ROM that claims it will “make a big splash,” Adventures With Oslo: World of Water (Science for Kids, inc. ages 4-12) barely causes a ripple (more…)


Life’s Greatest Mysteries February 3, 2009

Science & Nature

Life’s Greatest Mysteries

Bob Winkle, host of Life’s Greatest Mysteries(A.D.A.M. Software) could carry an entire book about unthreatening men: he’s a grown-up nerd, slight of build and bald of head, costumed in glasses, suspenders, and a pristine bow tie (more…)


Multimedia Audobon’s Mammals February 2, 2009

Science & Nature

Multimedia Audobon’s Mammals

Multimedia Audobon’s Birds

If you are a fan of the work of John James Audobon, you should not rush out to buy Multimedia Audobon’s Mammals or Multimedia Audobon’s Birds (Creative Multimedia) just yet (more…)