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Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden May 16, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden

So many early education CD-ROMs substitute bells, whistles, and primary colors for real substance that Peter Rabbit’s Math Garden (Mindscape – ages 3-7), with its understated look, sedate pace and low-key characters, comes as a breath of fresh air (more…)


Rabbits at Home, The March 7, 2009

Kid’s Education

The Rabbits at Home

The Rabbits at Home (Reed Interactive – ages 3 & up) claims to “promote family values in a highly interactive program” – and that’s true. First, it is very interactive (more…)


Reader Rabbit’s Interactive Reading Journey February 18, 2009

Kid’s Education

Reader Rabbit’s Interactive Reading Journey

Beginning readers get forty short, simple books in Reader Rabbit’s Interactive Reading Journey (The Learning Co. – ages 4-7). Your job is to help Sam the Lion find his kingdom by following the reading road (this scenario may ring a bell with parents; think Oz) (more…)