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Planet Earth May 17, 2009

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Atlas & Geography

Planet Earth

Planet Earth (Macmillan Digital USA) is billed as an atlas combined with an encyclopedia. If this is true, Macmillan has found the smallest atlas and the least comprehensive encyclopedia ever created (more…)


Ocean Planet February 20, 2009

Undersea World

Ocean Planet

Ocean Planet (The Discovery Channel Multimedia) gets an A-plus for production values, which means that everything you access, from the ‘lobby” (the main interface, with options for sections like Undersea Theater, Ask the Experts, Planet Ocean, and In Danger?) to the generous samples of video, runs smoothly and attractively (more…)


Beyond Planet Earth November 2, 2008

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Beyond Planet Earth


Beyond Planet Earth (Discovery Multimedia) is a solid, easy-to-use CD-ROM, designed in the same format as other Discovery titles. It is essentially a repurposing of a television documentary, done well (more…)