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Puppet Motel March 10, 2009

Puppet Motel

Blandness is not in the Laurie Anderson vocabulary. Her new Puppet Motel disc (The Voyager Company) is weird, enigmatic, and strikingly original. Once you sign in at the Register you must navigate the Hall of Time, which will bring you to thirty-three different rooms, each offering a puzzle, experience, or activity (more…)


Classical Notes November 29, 2008

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Music – Classical

Classical Notes

Classical Notes (Hopkins Technology) is a dry exploration of a juicy subject ? there?s a lot of information here, but, inexplicably, not much music. An extensive section on composers and their work mostly limits itself to text; other parts of the program dabble in multimedia (Orchestras of the World has two long video clips, while Different Musical Forms has an hour-long audio lecture) but never really embrace it (more…)


Peter and the Wolf November 3, 2008

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Peter and the Wolf

Kids may not know who Prokofiev is, but often his work is their first taste of classical music. Now they can experience Peter and the Wolf (IBM/7th Level – ages 3 – 8) through this very good multimedia version (more…)