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Bug Explorer March 8, 2009

Science & Nature

Bug Explorer

Insects, one the most under-appreciated species, are given center stage in Bug Explorer (N-TK/Memorex – ages 3 & up). From the main menu, a line-up of cutely-rendered bugs and one spider (which made our skin crawl as we wondered why Mr (more…)


Invention Studio March 7, 2009

Science & Nature

Invention Studio

Invention Studio (Music Pen/ Discovery Channel Multimedia – ages 9 & up) is not quite as pretty asInventor Labs, nor does it run quite as well (more…)


Adventures With Oslo: World of Water February 4, 2009

Science & Nature

Adventures With Oslo: World of Water

For a CD-ROM that claims it will “make a big splash,” Adventures With Oslo: World of Water (Science for Kids, inc. ages 4-12) barely causes a ripple (more…)


Life’s Greatest Mysteries February 3, 2009

Science & Nature

Life’s Greatest Mysteries

Bob Winkle, host of Life’s Greatest Mysteries(A.D.A.M. Software) could carry an entire book about unthreatening men: he’s a grown-up nerd, slight of build and bald of head, costumed in glasses, suspenders, and a pristine bow tie (more…)


AIMS Teaching Modules February 2, 2009

Science & Nature

AIMS Teaching Modules

The AIMS Teaching Modules (AIMS Media), including Atoms & Molecules, Animal Life in a Tidepool, and How We Classify Animals, are targeted for classroom use (more…)


Ultimate 3D Skeleton, The

Science & Nature

The Ultimate 3D Skeleton

The Ultimate 3D Skeleton, from DK Multimedia, will show you any bone in the human body from almost any angle. Rotate the bones in a 3D environment, flip them around, turn them upside down, or zoom in and out (more…)


Let’s Explore The Jungle with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug January 27, 2009

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Science & Nature

Let’s Explore The Jungle with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug

For kids interested in the terrestrial rather than the astronomical, Buzzy the Knowledge Bug, last seen guiding your child through the mysteries of the airport and the farm, returns in Humongous Entertainment’s Let’s Explore The Jungle with Buzzy the Knowledge Bug (ages 3-8) (more…)