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Philip Marlowe: Private Eye March 12, 2009

Adventure & Mystery

Philip Marlowe: Private Eye

Philip Marlowe: Private Eye (Simon & Schuster Interactive/Byron Preiss Multimedia) takes one of Raymond Chandler’s later novels, The Little Sister, and adapts it to CD-ROM (more…)


Elk Moon Murder, The March 11, 2009

Adventure & Mystery

The Elk Moon Murder

The Elk Moon Murder (Activision), of the Santa Fe Mystery series, uses so many immediately recognizable elements that you might guess the creator has a history working in TV, and you’d be right (more…)


Kidsongs: Musical Mystery March 10, 2009


Kidsongs: Musical Mystery

TerraGlyph, whose Hansel and Gretel interactive storybook broke new multimedia ground with its simultaneous animations, has yet to reproduce that early success. Subsequent projects, while perfectly satisfactory, have all been burdened by flaws (more…)


Panic In the Park February 19, 2009

Adventure & Mystery

Panic In the Park

One well-received game that leaves us relatively dry is Panic In the Park (WarnerActive/Imagination Pilots). Like 11th Hour, the game presents an overall mystery with many smaller stand-alone puzzles to be solved along the way (more…)


11th Hour The: The Sequel to The 7th Guest February 4, 2009

Adventure & Mystery

The 11th Hour: The Sequel to The 7th Guest

Everybody’s going to love The 11th Hour: The Sequel to The 7th Guest (Virgin Interactive Entertainment) – so why didn’t we? Let us count the reasons (more…)


Darryl F. Gates’ Police Quest SWAT February 3, 2009

Adventure & Mystery

Darryl F. Gates’ Police Quest SWAT

Darryl F. Gates’ Police Quest SWAT (Sierra On-Line), the latest in the Police Quest series, is four discs of entertainment that we would not call family appropriate (more…)


Martian Chronicles, The January 10, 2009

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Adventure & Mystery

The Martian Chronicles

Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles constitute some of the most poetic prose, not to mention the most profound sci-fi, ever produced by any writer; the task of interpreting them for CD-ROM with even a fraction of the original lyricism intact would be daunting for anyone (more…)