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Composer Quest January 24, 2009

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Composer Quest

Composer Quest (Opcode) is divided into two parts: Learn and Play. In Learn, you choose an era from a timeline, then click on a composer, or click for news headlines from the period, or click for information on the history or the visual arts of that time (more…)


Little Things January 14, 2009

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Little Things

Failing to live up to potential seems to be the unofficial rule for CD-Plus titles, which, even when they have something to offer, don’t know exactly what it is or exactly why this is the medium they’ve chosen (more…)


Hotz Trax January 12, 2009

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Music – Contemporary

Hotz Trax

Hotz Trax (The Hotz Corporation) is a different kind of music-making CD-ROM. Rather than asking you to plug a keyboard into your computer, Hotz Trax turns your computer itself into a keyboard ? that is, you run the program and every key on your computer corresponds to a note or percussion sound (more…)


Billboard Music Guide January 5, 2009

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Music – Contemporary
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Billboard Music Guide

The Billboard Music Guide (Creative Multimedia), subtitled “80 Years of Music,” offers a searchable database of artists and albums, some audio clips, photos, and videos, and lots of substantial Billboard product like reviews and charts (more…)


Juilliard Music Adventure December 27, 2008

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Creativity Tools

Juilliard Music Adventure

Juilliard Music Adventure (Theatrix Interactive – ages 9 and up) takes place in an enchanted castle in a far-off land, where Gnoise (an evil gnome) has imprisoned the queen in her own amulet, and all sorts of musicians around the castle are having trouble making their music as a result (more…)


Piano Discover for Kids December 6, 2008

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MusicMusic Tutors

Piano Discovery For Kids


Jump Music! has released a thinner version of Piano Discovery, called Piano Discovery for Kids (ages 6-12). The gist of the program is the same ? you can still take piano lessons in a virtual schoolhouse, practice in a bungalow, play skill-sharpening games in an arcade, or show off in a performance hall (more…)


Looking East December 3, 2008

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Music – Enhanced CDs

Looking East

Jackson Browne enters the enhanced CD game with Looking East (Elektra Records). Regardless of how lightweight the music might be, the multimedia portion of the disc is quite well done ? better, certainly, than much of its enhanced CD competition (more…)