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Man Ray: Fautographe March 13, 2009


Man Ray: Fautographe

It comes on a CD-ROM and uses text, photos, and sound, but Man Ray: Fautographe (Telimage) is not an interactive multimedia program nor is it a comprehensive database. Rather, it is a Kodak Photo CD, cataloging the brilliant, strange work of Dadist photographer Man Ray (more…)


Tuneland Starring Howie Mandel January 30, 2009

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Tuneland Starring Howie Mandel

Tuneland Starring Howie Mandel (7th Level – ages 3-6) is an old title, at least as measured in CD-ROM time (1993), but it’s still great. The voices and music are super. It’s packed with hotspots, animation, and lots of opportunity for interaction (more…)