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Spider-Man Cartoon Maker April 27, 2009

Creativity Tools

Spider-Man Cartoon Maker

Spider-Man Cartoon Maker (Knowledge Adventure, ages 6 & up) is very similar to Magic Theater – no surprise, as it comes from the same publisher. Again, it’s easy to use, so you can start right out and get something done, or take a little longer to figure out the possibilities and create something even better (more…)


Awesome Animated Monster Maker February 6, 2009

Creativity Tools

Awesome Animated Monster Maker

Awesome Animated Monster Maker (Houghton Mifflin Interactive – ages 3 & up) is not for kids who are faint of heart, nor for parents who are light of processor (more…)


3D Movie Maker November 23, 2008

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Creativity Tools

3D Movie Maker

Microsoft’s 3D Movie Maker (ages 8 & up), which brings McZee (the host of Creative Writer and Fine Artist) into the world of 3-D, is breathtaking on first glance – like the animated McZee himself – but once you get past the glitz, there’s not enough in the way of substance to really satisfy (more…)


X-Men Cartoon Maker November 18, 2008

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Creativity Tools

X-Men Cartoon Maker

X-Men Cartoon Maker (Knowledge Adventure) is closely related to last year’s Spiderman Cartoon Maker, which was reviewed in Vol. 1, No. 6. This well-done program allows nearly anyone to create animated and still comics quickly and painlessly well, almost painlessly (more…)


Nickelodeon’s 3D Movie Maker October 23, 2008

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Nickelodeon’s 3D Movie Maker

Another creativity tool that works in the same vein as the Simpsons Cartoon Studio is Nickelodeon’s 3D Movie Maker (Microsoft Corp – ages 6-11). We looked at a beta of this program, but it ran fine and we have no complaints (more…)