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Complete Reference Library February 6, 2009

Complete Reference Library

The main menu in Complete Reference Library (Mindscape) puts you in a virtual office with all the equipment you need for work. Along with a printer, video camera, sound system, clip board, highlighter, and other standard research tools, you’ll find a bookshelf with the following ten reference works: Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language 3rd Edition, Roget II: The New Thesaurus, The 1994 Information Please Almanac, The Legal Word Book 3rd Edition, Wall Street Words, The Reader’s Companion to American History, Simpson’s Contemporary Quotations, The Written Word III, and The National Directory of Addresses and Telephone Numbers (more…)


Drivin’ Route 66: America’s Main Street January 30, 2009

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Drivin’ Route 66: America’s Main Street

FromCreative Multimedia comes the decidedly uncreative Drivin’ Route 66: America’s Main Street. Use a map of the country to access certain points of interest on the road, then look at a still picture while you read text and listen to the text being read aloud (more…)