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Reviews About Old Software on CD-ROM from the 1990’s

Asia Alive March 29, 2009

Asia Alive and America Alive join Europe Alive in this series from MediAlive. Both titles have good, clear interfaces that get you around quickly and easily and both have generous helpings of hot spots and hypertext to take you from here to there (more…)


Real Line: An Interactive Learning Cube March 8, 2009


Real Line: An Interactive Learning Cube

Real Line: An Interactive Learning Cube (L3 Interactive) wants to teach you the basics of in-line skating. Access the material using the patented “cube,” which is divided into beginner, intermediate, and professional levels; each level has three parts, and each part teaches three things like technique, safety, or maintenance (more…)


Amazing Learning Games With Rayman January 31, 2009

Amazing Learning Games With Rayman

It may seem obvious in retrospect, but Amazing Learning Games With Rayman (UbiSoft – ages 6-10) is the first CD-ROM that takes an action/adventure game and combines it with educational content without sacrificing (or even changing) the gameplay (more…)


Let’s Start Learning January 21, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Let’s Start Learning

Basic preschool skills are the mainstay of Let’s Start Learning (The Learning Company ages 2-5), but the program targets a wider (and more realistic) age group than JumpStart Toddlers (more…)


Early Learning Center CD January 14, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Early Learning Center CD

Five seems to be the key number in educational program because that’s how many activity areas you’ll find in Early Learning Center CD (New Media Schoolhouse – ages 4-9) (more…)