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Allie’s Activity Kit May 10, 2009

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Creativity Tools

Allie’s Activity Kit

The best part of Allie’s Activity Kit (Opcode Interactive – ages 3-6) is the opening animation of Allie (a green alien) whizzing around in a spaceship. There’s a similar segment at the end (more…)


Clark Howard’s Consumer Survival Kit April 16, 2009

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Personal Management Tools

Clark Howard’s Consumer Survival Kit

The most stunning thing about Repacking Your Bags is that it could possibly have a rival for the title of Most Inane, but it does: Clark Howard’s Consumer Survival Kit (IBM Multimedia), which is more bizarrely unnecessary than offensively bad (more…)


Multimedia Crafts: Window Art Kit December 25, 2008

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Creativity Tools

Multimedia Crafts: Window Art Kit

Perhaps the best argument against PrintPaks Inc. comes in their own brochure. The self-written company history alludes, at one point, to a time when things “snowballed” – the brochure then offers a picture of three globules that could be pebbles, kidney stones, pieces of corn, our first three Presidents seen from the back, snowballs, or anything else that’s round (more…)