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On the Road with B.B. King April 28, 2009

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Music – Contemporary

On The Road With B.B. King

Tour a digital replica of America with one of the greatest bluesmen of all time in On The Road With B.B. King (M.C.A. Records, Inc.). The disc is subtitled “An Interactive Autobiography,” which is pretty much right on; Mr (more…)


Lion King Activity Center, The March 25, 2009


The Lion King Activity Center

Inserting The Lion King Activity Center (Disney Interactive – ages 5 & up) into your CD-ROM drive may give you the same odd feeling of dislocation that we experienced: isn’t this movie over two years old, and don’t we deserve a break from the saturation marketing? Get used to it (more…)


Lion King Animated Storybook, The February 19, 2009

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Kid’s Education

The Lion King Animated Storybook

A “virtual storybook” does not begin to describe The Lion King Animated Storybook (Disney Interactive – ages 3-9). Production values here far exceed the average CD-ROM (more…)


King Arthur Through the Ages November 15, 2008

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King Arthur Through the Ages

Ibis Communications, Inc. and The Calvert School have produced King Arthur Through the Ages, a collection of text stories, audio readings, and digital artwork. The strength of the disc, of course, is the Arthurian legends themselves (more…)