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Millie’s Math House May 24, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Millie’s Math House

In Millie’s Math House (Edmark – ages 2-5) the littlest kids get a chance to learn about numbers, patterns, and geometric shapes in a friendly way. There are two ways to go: Explore and Discover or Question and Answer (more…)


A Silly Noisy House February 21, 2009

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A Silly Noisy House

A Silly Noisy House (The Voyager Co. – ages 2 & up) could be a bit sillier and noisier. There’s no problem finding your way around, just point and click. It’s easy enough for even the youngest child, which is fortunate because older kids will tire of it pretty quickly (more…)


Simply House November 21, 2008

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How-To Guides

Simply House

We can’t think of one reason that Simply House (4Home Productions) is on CD-ROM. This disc is based on The Stanley Complete Step-by-Step Book of Home Repair, a perfectly adequate and useful book (more…)