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Mr. Wonder’s Greatest Toyshop on Earth May 10, 2009

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Mr. Wonder’s Greatest Toyshop on Earth

At first glance, Mr. Wonder’s Greatest Toyshop on Earth (OmniMedia, ages 4-9) seems promising indeed. Old-fashioned 2D artwork and delightful voice characterizations kick off the experience, as you and your child settle down in a virtual toy shop with no loftier goal than a thorough exploration of all the shelves (more…)


Life’s Greatest Mysteries February 3, 2009

Science & Nature

Life’s Greatest Mysteries

Bob Winkle, host of Life’s Greatest Mysteries(A.D.A.M. Software) could carry an entire book about unthreatening men: he’s a grown-up nerd, slight of build and bald of head, costumed in glasses, suspenders, and a pristine bow tie (more…)


NFL’s Greatest Plays February 2, 2009


NFL’s Greatest Plays

For those who can’t get enough, there’s NFL’s Greatest Plays (Turner Interactive). You can replay videos of the 75 best plays over and over. Check them out from different angles, zoom in, change the speed, whatever you want (more…)


World’s Greatest Speeches


World’s Greatest Speeches

Having over 400 speeches on World’s Greatest Speeches (Softbit, Inc.) is probably valuable for students and politicians, but the selection is uneven and arbitrary; it’s hard to imagine Abraham Lincoln and Ted Koppel in the same league (more…)


World’s Greatest Classic Books, The December 6, 2008

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The World’s Greatest Classic Books

The World’s Greatest Classic Books is Corel Corporation’s CD Home new and improved edition of Library of the Future (World Library, reviewed in Vol 1, No 1) (more…)


Baseball’s Greatest Hits December 3, 2008

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Baseball’s Greatest Hits

If you expect to see anything from 1970 on, you won’t find it on Baseball’s Greatest Hits (The Voyager Co.). There’s one video per decade. You’ll have to be content with the audio while you stare at a black TV screen (more…)


Greatest Children’s Stories Ever Told, The November 2, 2008

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The Greatest Children’s Stories Ever Told

The Greatest Children’s Stories Ever Told and Children’s Treasury of Stories, Nursery Ryhmes, and Songs (Queue) are nice programs for little kids (3-7) (more…)