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Exploring the Solar System May 17, 2009

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Exploring the Solar System

We saw a beta version of Exploring the Solar System (AIMS Media). The problem with this CD-ROM is that there isn’t any real text. The core of the disc is a typical instructional film on the solar system, with hot links from the film to menu icons (more…)


Exploring Ancient Architecture: Walk Through Ancient Wonders April 16, 2009


Exploring Ancient Architecture: Walk Through Ancient Wonders

Exploring Ancient Architecture: Walk Through Ancient Wonders (Medio Multimedia) is a disappointment. Here is an excellent idea – namely, the ability to figuratively walk through a graphic representation of restored ancient buildings – that fails in the execution (more…)


Where’s Waldo’ Exploring Geography February 3, 2009

Atlas & Geography

Where’s Waldo? Exploring Geography

Another high-polish, high-name recognition geography program is Where’s Waldo? Exploring Geography (WarnerActive/Imagination Pilots – ages 5-12) (more…)


Exploring The Lost Maya January 7, 2009

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History & Mythology

Exploring The Lost Maya

Sumeria continues their series of ancient civilizations titles with Exploring The Lost Maya. The Maya and their works are examined through photographs, pictures, some text, and a lot of maps (more…)


Exploring China November 30, 2008

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World Culture

Exploring China

Exploring China (SunMedia) is more of a travelogue than anything else, with sections like Highlights, Attractions, Flavor (food), and Hotels. The information is a mix: deep in some areas and fluffy in others (more…)


Tate Gallery: Exploring Modern Art

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Tate Gallery: Exploring Modern Art

Attica Cybernetics scores another hit with Tate Gallery: Exploring Modern Art. The easy-to-grasp menu, offering a photographic floor plan of the program, quickly directs you to the Information Desk, which explains the basics of the program (more…)