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Bible Explorer April 23, 2009

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Bible Explorer

Imagine taking The Interactive Bible Study Guide and removing the Barron’s Bible Notes. Actually, you don’t have to imagine it. Expert Software did it for you with their version of the same title, Bible Explorer (more…)


Castle Explorer March 10, 2009


Castle Explorer

DK Multimedia, creators of easy-on-the-eyes reference tools, have found a perfect partner in Stephen Biesty. The CD-ROM Castle Explorer combines Mr. Biesty’s excellent, detailed illustrations with DK Multimedia’s clean interface, high-quality graphics, intelligent organization, and solid content (more…)


Bug Explorer March 8, 2009

Science & Nature

Bug Explorer

Insects, one the most under-appreciated species, are given center stage in Bug Explorer (N-TK/Memorex – ages 3 & up). From the main menu, a line-up of cutely-rendered bugs and one spider (which made our skin crawl as we wondered why Mr (more…)


My First Amazing World Explorer December 23, 2008

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My First Amazing World Explorer

Kids who are too young for Carmen Sandiegoshould take a look at My First Amazing World Explorer (DK Multimedia – ages 4-9), a geography CD-ROM where goal-orientation takes a back seat to freewheeling exploration (more…)


Martial Arts Explorer, The October 29, 2008

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The Martial Arts Explorer

Conversely, just because a disc fails to deliver everything it might doesn’t mean it’s not worthwhile. The Martial Arts Explorer (Future Vision) is unfocused in terms of content – it’s more an overview of different martial arts than an instructor, and it tends towards the scattershot with its articles about Asian philosophy, history, and culture – but it is consistently inventive, boasting gorgeous art direction and a lot of informative entertainment for people who are considering taking up a martial art (more…)


Mars Explorer October 23, 2008

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Mars Explorer
Venus Explorer

Mars Explorer and Venus Explorer (Virtual Reality Laboratories) require VistaPro, a 3D landscape maker from Virtual Reality. These programs give you satellite images of the surface of Mars and Venus (more…)