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ESPN Let’s Go Skiing April 28, 2009


ESPN Let’s Go Skiing

If you know where you’re going and have what you need, ESPN Let’s Go Skiing (Intellimedia Sports Inc.) will show you what to do. This is a simple program to use. The Main Menu offers three instruction sections: Getting Started, Fundamental Skills, and Techniques (more…)


ESPN Let’s Play Tennis April 26, 2009

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ESPN Let’s Play Tennis

You can learn a lot from ESPN Let’s Play Tennis (Intellimedia Sports Inc.), coached by Tracy Austin, Fred Stolle, and Cliff Drysdale. This is fast-paced instruction for intermediate players who know the basics and are ready to refine their game (more…)


ESPN Winning Hoops with Coach K March 12, 2009


ESPN Winning Hoops with Coach K

If playing rather than watching is what you do, ESPN Winning Hoops with Coach K (Intellimedia Sports Inc.) is a two-disc instructional CD-ROM with Mike Krzyzewski, Duke University‘s Head Coach (more…)