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Around the World with Willy Wabbit April 29, 2009

Kid’s Education

Around the World with Willy Wabbit

Around the World with Willy Wabbit (SEC Multimedia – ages 8 & up) purports to teach geography through five simple games: the Music Game, the City Game, the Flag Game, the Boundaries Game, and the Landmark Game (more…)


How Would You Survive’ April 17, 2009

Kid’s Education

How Would You Survive?

How Would You Survive? (Grolier Interactive – ages 7-12), based on the book series of the same name, contains three sections: Ancient Egyptians, Vikings, and Aztecs. Each section has an animated main screen, big enough that you have to scroll a ways to see all of it, that can be explored through pointing-and-clicking (more…)


Counting and Thinking Games March 14, 2009

Kid’s Education

Counting and Thinking Games

With so many similar kids’ programs out there, the magic is in the details – so why isn’t Counting and Thinking Games (Optimum Resource, Inc. – ages 4-8) a winner? The rendering in the program is very skillful and extremely 3D (more…)


Money Town February 27, 2009

Kid’s Education

Money Town

Money Town (Davidson/Simon & Schuster Interactive – ages 5-9) is ostensibly designed to teach children about money. Through a variety of games and activities, the program claims children are taught to “earn, save and put it to good use (more…)


Nick Jr. Plays Math! February 5, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Nick Jr. Plays Math!

The packaging for Nick Jr. Plays Math! (Viacom New Media – ages 3-6) advertises 25 activities, which is somewhat misleading; we counted 13, while the remainder are suggested activities to do away from the computer (more…)