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Counting and Thinking Games March 14, 2009

Kid’s Education

Counting and Thinking Games

With so many similar kids’ programs out there, the magic is in the details – so why isn’t Counting and Thinking Games (Optimum Resource, Inc. – ages 4-8) a winner? The rendering in the program is very skillful and extremely 3D (more…)


Money Town February 27, 2009

Kid’s Education

Money Town

Money Town (Davidson/Simon & Schuster Interactive – ages 5-9) is ostensibly designed to teach children about money. Through a variety of games and activities, the program claims children are taught to “earn, save and put it to good use (more…)


Nick Jr. Plays Math! February 5, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Nick Jr. Plays Math!

The packaging for Nick Jr. Plays Math! (Viacom New Media – ages 3-6) advertises 25 activities, which is somewhat misleading; we counted 13, while the remainder are suggested activities to do away from the computer (more…)


Ocean Explorers

Kid’s Education

Ocean Explorers

Ocean Explorers (Comptons NewMedia – ages3-8) was a hit with the little ones who looked at it, but wasn’t sophisticated enough to keep older kids entertained for very long (more…)


Major League Math January 19, 2009

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Kid’s Education

Major League Math

Sanctuary Woods has a terrific idea in Major League Math (ages 9-13). Integrate basic ideas (addition subtraction, percentages) and more advanced concepts (probability, sophisticated averaging) with baseball (more…)


Magic Schoolbus Explores the Ocean, The January 18, 2009

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Kid’s Education

The Magic Schoolbus Explores the Ocean

The third title in Scholastic’s Magic Schoolbus series has arrived. In The Magic Schoolbus Explores the Ocean (Microsoft Corp./Music Pen – ages 6-10),Ms (more…)


How Do You Spell Adventure’ January 1, 2009

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Kid’s Education

How Do You Spell Adventure?

CD-ROMs as How Do You Spell Adventure? a medium – and Sanctuary Woods as a company – seem to have more spins on the life of Robert Ripley than Cher has implants (more…)