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Planet Earth May 17, 2009

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Atlas & Geography

Planet Earth

Planet Earth (Macmillan Digital USA) is billed as an atlas combined with an encyclopedia. If this is true, Macmillan has found the smallest atlas and the least comprehensive encyclopedia ever created (more…)


Mr. Wonder’s Greatest Toyshop on Earth May 10, 2009

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Mr. Wonder’s Greatest Toyshop on Earth

At first glance, Mr. Wonder’s Greatest Toyshop on Earth (OmniMedia, ages 4-9) seems promising indeed. Old-fashioned 2D artwork and delightful voice characterizations kick off the experience, as you and your child settle down in a virtual toy shop with no loftier goal than a thorough exploration of all the shelves (more…)


View from Earth, The April 17, 2009


The View from Earth


The View from Earth (Warner New Media) is a very attractive but very disorganized title. The initial four-part menu does a poor job of reflecting the actual content of this disc (more…)


Beyond Planet Earth November 2, 2008

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Beyond Planet Earth


Beyond Planet Earth (Discovery Multimedia) is a solid, easy-to-use CD-ROM, designed in the same format as other Discovery titles. It is essentially a repurposing of a television documentary, done well (more…)