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Dell Magazine’s Diabolical Digits March 11, 2009

Games– Casino & Brain

Dell Magazine’s Diabolical Digits

Dell Magazine’s Diabolical Digits (Millennium Media Group) is, indeed, diabolical. Once you figure out how to play – it can take a while even with text and audio Help – you probably won’t be able to stop (more…)


Endorfun January 18, 2009

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GamesCasino & Brain


Time-Warner Interactive follows the title of their CD-ROM Endorfun, whenever possible, with the phrase “Play More. Feel Better.” This is because Endorfun’s soundtrack contains subliminal messages that bolster self-esteem (more…)


Merriam Webster’s Word Crazy January 7, 2009

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Games – Casino & Brain

Merriam Webster’s Word Crazy

Scrabbleaficionados, along with William Safire types and crossword puzzle addicts, are likely candidates for Merriam Webster’s Word Crazy (Merriam Webster) (more…)