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History Through Art: The Baroque May 9, 2009

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History Through Art: The Baroque

History Through Art: The Baroque, and History Through Art: The Twentieth Century, both from ZCI Publishing Inc., have identical features – the same easy install, the same interface, the same features throughout (more…)


A Musical Odyssey/Best of the Baroque March 14, 2009


A Musical Odyssey

Best of the Baroque

Two new classical enhanced CDs from Intersound are A Musical Odyssey and Best of the Baroque. Although it’s nice to see something other than pop or rock in the enhanced CD field, both Odyssey and Baroque offer an unimaginative selection of pieces: Vivaldi’s “Allegro from The Spring,” Bach’s “Air for the G String,” and Handel’s “Hallelujah!” are on both CD-ROMs, tucked among other primers like Pachelbel’s “Canon,” Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony,” and Handel’s “Water Music (more…)