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George Shrinks May 27, 2009

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George Shrinks

A television set serves as the interface for George Shrinks (Harper Collins Interactive – ages 3-7). Chose a channel for Read and Play, Look and Listen, Pick-a-Screen, and Sing Along. Based on William Joyce’s book, this is the story of a boy who dreams he is a mouse and wakes up to find out he is. The illustrations are charming, and the entertaining animated transitions from screen to screen are a nice change from the abrupt page turns in many programs. But, the animation brought up when you hit a hotspot is often dull and predictable. And far too many potential hotspots are left untapped. When you do find one, you’re stuck with it until the animation runs its course, which can be long and tedious, especially with the songs. There are some odd touches here as well. Characters who should move, like the little brother, don’t, while irrelevant characters, like a marching soldier, a spaceman, and a hostile kitty-cat, scoot across the screen. The disc comes with a miniature book. You’ll probably use that more than the CD-ROM.

-July 1995


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