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Art: History of Development May 27, 2009

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Art: History of Development

Art: History of Development (Media Mechanics/Asiatronics) is reportedly the first in a series of educational multimedia titles from this Russian publisher. This CD-ROM makes us hope there’s still time to reconsider and reconstruct future titles. From the opening screen, “Multymedia For User,” the disc goes downhill. The interface is a Byzantine affair with obtuse and frequently incorrect instructions. The choice for Russian or English narration and text is meaningless; the disc does, and speaks, what it wants. It’s slow as molasses in Siberia; the slides and videos are poor quality; artists are referred to as authors and are inexplicably indexed by first names, which makes a search, if you can really do one, an adventure. It is so filled with misspellings that once we stopped laughing, we began to be irritated. Is this a program for Russian art history students or Western art history students? Either group should skip this one.

– March 1995



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