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A.D.A.M: The Inside Story, 1997 Edition May 26, 2009

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A.D.A.M: The Inside Story, 1997 Edition

Without the blood and gore of first-year anatomy, A.D.A.M: The Inside Story, 1997 Edition (A.D.A.M. Software) allows users to explore the inner workings of the human body. You don’t get a scalpel, but you do get an impressive array of other tools to facilitate a through investigation of the human body, layer by layer. First, choose either Adam or Eve, who now can be viewed from four different angles (front, back, medial, or lateral). Then customize them (skin tones and facial features), and opt for privacy on (a fig leaf covering the genitalia) or off. Zoom in on any area to learn its name, function, and to bring up related information. Enhancements in the 1997 edition include 3D tours of the heart, skeleton, and lungs, a built-in Internet link to the A.D.A.M. web site, and the ability to print illustrations. Click on the Family Scrapbook icon to learn more about the area you’re currently exploring. Along with video, illustrations, and animations, Dr. Jennifer Harper (a real MD) dispenses advice and information on various topics. You can also test yourself with short quizzes at the end of each scrapbook chapter. A.D.A.M has taken an already excellent program and made it even better. The Inside Story, 1997 Edition is highly recommended.

– September 1996, Science & Nature

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