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Explora1: Peter Gabriel’s Secret World May 25, 2009

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Explora1: Peter Gabriel’s Secret World

Another high profile, high production-value CD-ROM is Explora1: Peter Gabriel’s Secret World (InterPlay Productions). The main screen consists of a photo-montage of Gabriel’s face; clicking on one of the four pieces takes you to a corresponding part of the program. Gabriel’s passions for music and political activism are both represented on this disc. Watch a video from his latest album, then watch a video of Gabriel discussing the song, then watch a video of the director discussing the video. Explore the RealWorld studios in England, where you can remix tracks, watch home videos of demo versions, and assemble your own jams, adding and removing artists at will (including Gabriel, Brian Eno, Sinead O’Connor, and many more). There’s also information about Amnesty International and WOMAD (World of Music and Dance, Gabriel’s own annual music festival). Strong design and visuals and a lack of ‘Tiger Beat’ mentality make Explora1 suitable for both die-hard devotees and casual fans, although the disc could stand more music – the ‘US‘ album, for example, is represented only by a few videos, and you can’t hear the songs that didn’t make MTV.

– October 1995


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