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Corel Web Designer May 25, 2009

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Creativity Tools – Multimedia Tools

Corel Web.Designer

Corel Web.Designer (Corel Corp.)uses the same approach to web authoring tools as Microsoft?s Front Page and Claris Home Page ? that is, it approximates a word processor, which is supposed to make creating a web page as easy as pie. In this case, however, something has gone terribly awry, leaving Web.Designer far behind the competition. Graphics and text can?t be dragged and dropped; you must justify them, either left, center, or right. The program doesn?t allow you to use more than one “space” at a time. It doesn?t let you make charts, and it doesn?t support any plug-ins at all. It?s too difficult for beginners, but too limited for experienced web designers. These flaws, plus many others, made one of our reviewers scratch his head and declare “This is really weird!” We agree. The one advantage to this program is that it comes bundled with tons of extras, like clip art, web page templates, CorelWEB.Gallery (a graphics viewer), and CorelWEB.Transit (which lets you convert existing documents into web pages, much like Net-It Now).

– January 1997



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