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PIGS May 24, 2009

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The debut title in Enteractive’s new series of Stomped-On Fairy Tales is PIGS (ages 3-10), based very loosely on the story of the Three Little Pigs. In this version the swine are forced to move out of their parents’ house because they are 28, 28 (!), and 30 years old – way too old to be living at home. The wolf, after explaining to the camera that he feels wolves are portrayed negatively on the whole (and since when is it illegal to eat pork chops anyway?), makes a few attempts to blow down houses, etc., before being dragged into a police line-up. It gets wackier from there. The obvious (though uncredited) inspiration is Fractured Fairy Tales, as featured on the original Rocky and Bullwinkle show. Take a classic fairy tale, add lots of sly self-reference and double entendre for adults, then shove it at a kid and let him or her wonder what the hell is going on. So far, so good; the problem is that there’s absolutely no reason for this to be on CD-ROM. The witty writing, mediocre animation, and funny songs would work just as well on video. PIGS tries to be interactive by providing the option, every once in awhile, of traveling down a different path in the story; you can also instruct the program to show you a story that’s different than the one you just watched, so that it chooses the different path itself. Not so very different, though. No matter which path you take you’ll end up seeing scenes you’ve seen before – and no matter how much you try to interact with the disc, the vast majority of your time will be spent watching passively. For a real fractured fairy tale, dial up some Rocky and Bullwinkle instead.

-July 1996


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