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Burning Down the House May 23, 2009

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Burning Down the House

Burning Down the House (Capitol Records), from Bonnie Raitt, focuses more on multimedia than on music; there are only four tracks to listen to on your audio CD player, but there’s a hefty helping of video for computer buffs. Of course, you can get all this and more by buying the double album or the home videotape, both titled Road Tested. If you prefer your music via computer, however, this is one of the better enhanced CDs around – which is not saying terribly much. Some video clips are long enough that you can actually enjoy the song, and the endless parade of Bonnie’s fave guest stars (Bryan Adams, Ruth Brown, and Jackson Browne, to name three) keep things shaking. The disc throws together clips from her recent tour, some backstage snippets, interviews with Bonnie and about Bonnie, and pieces of text about everybody represented on the disc. There’s about an hour’s worth of material, which may be enough for die-hard fans, especially if the disc really retails, as promised, for a measly $5.

-May 1996


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